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"I originally came to Actualise to help with my social media management and grow my following. Within 9 months I went from 20,000 Youtube subscribers to over 50,000. It’s completely changed my business."
Mike Maher
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Social Media Plymouth 101

Go where the attention is.

Over the last decade, social media has taken the world by storm winning the war of attention across all demographics. You may not be an avid user of social media, your ideal customer  your customers are. Social media is an incredible opportunity to give your customers the peak behind the curtain of your business that they’ve always wanted. To tell your story of your business clearer and louder than ever before. However for many businesses in Plymouth, social media and all of the platforms in general can be a time and energy consuming endeavour. That’s why businesses across Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall leave that to us. Having managed over 5 million pounds in targeted ad spend as well as growing a multitude of accounts, Actualise marketing knows how to target your ideal customers with extra precision while growing your prospect base – fast! 

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Business to Consumer?

Not all social media platforms are created equally. It’s our job as your social media managers to identify which platforms to utilise in order to create and schedule your content – maximising lead generation. We have extensive experience helping both business sites and e-commerce stores reach their perfect consumers.

business to Business?

We utilise the most up to date software in order to target the key decision makers within your top 100 of clients. We can then use omni-level marketing streams to increase your conversions of new business.

Facebook Ads

With a premium campaign and a detailed targeting strategy. We can reach your perfect customers with high levels of accuracy producing reliable ROI’s.

Linkedin Optimisation

We will optimise and manage your Linkedin profile to increase your connection requests, increase your social selling index score, target and generate high quality leads for your business.

Social Media Plymouth

Engaging Content

We can create, schedule and publish engaging content in a way that attracts new customers to your business every single month.

Interconnected Campaigns

We can combine your social media campaigns with our other services in order to bring down your customer acquistion cost and achieve a higher ROI.

Documenting Story

As well as content creation, we can document events, moments and exciting news live across your platforms in order to give a more authentic look into your business.

Facebook Ads

We can target and re-target your perfect customer with well thought out ad strategies.

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